About Our Products

Dale of Norway Hovden Sweater

Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway was established in 1879, and since then they have focused on creating quality Norwegian products. Because they run their production in Dale, Norway, they can ensure premium quality every step of the way. Dale of Norway uses two types of wool: Norwegian wool and Merino wool. Norwegian wool is special due to the sheep’s natural mountain life. It comes from “valley sheep” that roam free on the Norwegian hillsides and graze in natural pastures. Merino wool also comes from a certified animal-friendly location and it is also mulesing free. The high quality wool, that Dale of Norway uses, provide insulation, breathability and warmth for its user, among many other benefits. Dale of Norway is a true Norwegian trademark and its quality is ensured by 140 years of fine-tuning of wool and knitwear.

Topaz of Norway

Topaz of Norway has been making shoes since the 1980s. They specialize in seal skin, cowhide and calf skin. You can see a selection of seal skin boots and slippers in our webshop as well. Topaz of Norway is a family business that pays great attention to quality. The company is located in Ulefoss, Norway and they use seal skin from Canada and Greenland. They support seal hunting in the Arctic, along the Labrador Sea, Greenland and the eastern Barents Sea in order to keep the seal population down and away from parts of the coast of Europe. Additionally, this also provides more freedom and income for the indigenous people living in northern areas so they are not dependent on support from the greater society. Seal skin shoes do not need treatment as the skin has a natural layer of fat that is water resistant and has natural heat insulation.

Røros Tweed

The blankets and seating pads, that you can see on our website, come from a small town in Norway, called Røros. The products go through 100% Norwegian production, are made out of wool from Norwegian sheep and their design features collaborations between Røros Tweed and Scandinavia’s top designers and textile artists. The company has been running since 1940 and it is built upon the local tradition for handicraft and textile production. Røros Tweed pays great attention to the environment, thus they only use wool from selected sheep that graze on fresh and clean mountain pastures in Norway. This does not only ensure that the wool is pure and environmentally-friendly, but it also provides superior quality and functionality.

Brødrene Flaarønning

The company has been established in 1868, and they develop products based on the Norwegian nature, culture and traditions. They are based in Ler, where they manufacture and distribute products to a variety of locations. Brødrene Flaarønning is famous for its Ny Form Troll collection that are unbreakable trolls made out of natural materials, such as rubber. They have also started a new collection of Ny Form Nisse, providing Christmas gifts for those who wish to give something from Norway.

Nord Suvenir

Nord Suvenir is a family business located in Verdal, and it was established in 1981. Their product portfolio consists of more than 2000 items, and it is still constantly changing and developing. They put a high emphasis on design: all their products are and will be designed in their Design and Development Department. Outside of design, their other business areas are production and distribution of souvenirs.

Scandinavian Explorer

The Scandinavian Explorer brand is produced in Saltnes by a company named Gifts4u. The line includes products such as down jackets, soft-shell jackets, fleece jackets, etc. As a true Norwegian brand, Scandinavian Explorer has strong ties with nature, exploration and wanderlust. They are not only inspired by it, but they also care about the nature and the well-being of animals. The down that is used in their jackets is a bi-product of food production only, and all their manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines on the ethical treatment of animals.